Transferring from One Program to Another / Continuing with Bryan for Additional Certifications or Degrees

Students who wish to transfer to a different program of study must first contact the Student Services Department. Tuition fees will be calculated, and students will be credited or charged the difference in course costs; no re-registration fees are required. Courses that are substantially the same in terms of credit and competencies are generally applied towards completion of the program. Approved transfer credits do affect satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and will be included in the SAP calculation.

If an existing or prior student is enrolled in a program that is substantially changed for newly enrolled students, and the student would like to transfer to the new version, he or she may do so with approval. Historical grades may be transferred for classes substantially the same, instead of receiving a transfer credit designation, if classes are categorized as equivalents. SAP is assessed per the schedules provided within the program the student pursues. All transfer credits that count towards the new program will count towards satisfactory academic progress.