Access Without Student Consent

The University will not permit access to, or release of, confidential information to any individual or agency without the written consent of the student, except to the following:

  • Bryan University officials in the proper performance of their duties.
  • Organizations conducting studies for educational and governmental agencies where personally identifiable information will not be disclosed.
  • U.S. Government agencies as listed in Public Law 93-380.
  • Accrediting agencies.
  • Parents of dependent children as defined in the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.
  • Appropriate emergency personnel, as necessary to protect the health or safety of another student or person.
  • Other educational institutions upon request of transcripts for students seeking enrollment in that institution.
  • In connection with the award of financial aid.
  • To comply with judicial order or subpoena, provided that the University makes a reasonable effort to notify the student prior to such compliance.
  • Organizations conducting studies involving testing, student aid programs, or instructions.
  • To comply with conditions otherwise required by FERPA.