Personal Appearance and Hygiene

The University adheres to a student personal appearance policy to encourage professional behavior and conduct, as well as to prepare students for their future career. Safety and comfort are also a consideration in the adopted personal appearance policy. Adherence to the personal appearance policy discussed below is required for all students on the campus and those attending or participating in University events or activities off campus.

Students in violation of the personal appearance policy will be given an opportunity to conform to the policy. Students who do not or cannot conform to policy when asked will be dismissed from campus or the activity until they can appear in proper personal appearance.

Personal Training Exercise Science Students

Students in any personal training, fitness, or exercise science program participate in physical activities. Students must be in gym attire while participating in physical activities in the classroom or gym.


  • Bryan University tee shirt during live class sessions or other classes or activities involving physical movement on or off campus


  • For classroom days without physical activities: Khaki shorts or pants that do not restrict movement. Shorts must come to a point slightly above or below the knee.
  • For classroom days with physical activities: Athletic shorts or pants in good repair. Shorts must come to a point slightly above or below the knee. Sweatpants are not acceptable attire.
  • All pants and shorts must be worn above the hips


  • Sneakers or other closed-toe, non-cleated athletic shoes in good repair


  • No hats or other head coverings may be worn by the student at any time while on-campus or at a Bryan University event or activity off-campus

Personal Hygiene

Students attending on campus are expected to meet the following standards or guidelines with respect to personal grooming and hygiene upkeep:

  • Consistent bathing and oral hygiene
  • No heavily scented perfumes, colognes, or lotions
  • Fingernails neatly manicured and of a length that does not compromise physical activities

Jewelry, Piercings, and Body Art

Students will be asked to remove all visible jewelry and piercings prior to participating in hands-on bodywork and fitness activities. Students may continue to wear stud earrings unless it interferes with the techniques being taught or practiced.

Some body piercings, such as belly button rings, may become entangled or damage school property.

Students with these piercings take personal responsibility for their health and safety and may be held responsible for damage to school property.

Students with body art that may be considered personally, professionally, and morally offensive in nature to Bryan University employees and students and inconsistent with the professional standards Bryan University seeks to impart as part of its educational mission (either through words, images, or a combination of both) will be asked to cover it while at Bryan University or engaging in off-campus events and activities. When requested, students must cover their body art in a way that allows them to continue to maintain their program appropriate dress code.