Students are graded on a 4.0 scale. Classes taken on a pass/fail basis are not counted in the CGPA, indicated by the grade “P.” Only the highest grade will be factored in the CGPA in the event a class is attempted more than once; however, each attempt will be noted on the transcript as an R. Grading reflects the student’s progress and proficiency in their particular course of study. Each student’s progress is monitored from points earned in class performance, attendance, assigned work, and tests. Total points are then calculated, and a final grade is given according to the following scale.

Letter Grade %Range CGPA Scale
A Excellent 90%+ 4.0
B+ Good 85%-89% 3.5
B Good 80%-84% 3.0
C+ Average 75%-79% 2.5
C Average 70% - 74% 2.0
D Below Average 60%-69% 1.0
F Fail Under 59% 0.0
P Pass    
I Incomplete    
W Students withdrawing from a class before 25% into the term receives a “W” with no impact on their CGPA or rate of progression.    
WP Students withdrawing from a class beyond 25% into the term with a passing grade receive a “WP” with no impact on CGPA but does count towards rate of progression    
WF Students withdrawing from a class beyond 25% into the term with a failing grade receive a “WF,” which affects CGPA in the same way as an actual grade of “F” as well as rate of progression.   0.0
T Test Out    
TC Transfer Credit    
R Repeat    
AU Audit completion (Does not count towards credits attempted or credits earned)