Use of ChatGPT or Other AI Tools

Bryan University recognizes the utility of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in both academic settings and as part of our daily lives. In an effort to support a robust learning environment that adapts to changing technologies, guidelines for engaging AI tools, such as ChatGPT, are described here. 

Faculty may encourage students to develop their skills in using AI or leverage AI to help students learn about their fields or course content within online courses. This is at the faculty member’s discretion. However, unless otherwise specified by the faculty member, all submissions, whether in draft or final form, to meet course requirements (including a paper, project, exam, computer program, oral presentation, or other work) must either be the student’s own work, or must clearly acknowledge the source. Unless an instructor indicates otherwise, the use of ChatGPT or other AI tools for course assignments is akin to receiving assistance from another person and raises the same concern as work that is not the student’s own. Sanctions fall under those listed in the Code of Conduct.