Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Completion Degree)

Academic Year

Tuition Per Academic Year*

Tuition Per Semester/Term*

Academic Year 1



Academic Year 2



Academic Year 3 (Partial)



Books and courseware costs are included in the tuition.

The total tuition cost for those who complete Bachelor of Science in Business Administration completion degree program with concentrations in accounting, digital marketing, or human resources management program within the normal timeframe is approximately $16,550 (included $25 registration fee). Each student is responsible for making payment arrangements with the University. If the University finds it necessary to institute collection or legal action to collect unpaid fees, the student agrees to pay interest, attorney’s fees, and any costs of collection. Should the student require additional instruction resulting in the need to repeat classes, thus potentially extending the normal time to graduate, the student will be charged tuition and fees at a pro rata rate per semester not to exceed 150% of the total program credits or $3,200 per semester. Re-entry fee is $25. Registration fee is $25.

*An Alumni discount may be offered for this program. Alumni are defined by the University as individuals who have completed one of the Bryan University associate degree programs.