Graduate Transfer Credit Policies

Transfer of credit for appropriate masters-level course work from another institution may be granted; however, no more than one-half of the credits required for the master’s degree may be transferred from another institution. An official credit evaluation is completed for students as part of the application process as soon as students submit unofficial or official transcripts, along with the transcript evaluation request form, to their admissions representative. Please note that a final list of approved transfer credits cannot be completed until official transcripts have been received by the University. Courses with a grade of “B” or higher are generally transferable if the cumulative GPA of course work is a 2.5 or higher and if the course objective and rigor align with those set by Bryan University.

Credits can only be approved for college-level courses from an accredited institution and must meet requirements of the degree program in which the student is pursuing. Once transcripts are submitted, preliminary results are communicated within five business days. Official transcripts should be submitted to an admissions representative or to the Office of the Registrar.