Career Services

The Career Services Department provides career counseling services that include assisting students with resume writing, interviewing, and job-search activities. All students and graduates are entitled to full use of the University’s Career Services Department at no charge.

The Career Services Staff maintain ongoing contact with local and national employers to keep abreast of employment needs and opportunities throughout the country and share this information with students and graduates.

Your Career Services Advisor will work with you one-on-one to help you make informed decisions about your career and identify employment opportunities that are right for you. The Career Services Staff will work diligently to guide, motivate, and empower students and graduates through the career search process and help graduates attain positions in their field of study. The Career Services Department will make a reasonable effort to assist students with resume writing, interviewing, and job-search activities while they are seeking part-time employment to earn money while attending classes.

Although all students and graduates may access the Career Services Department at any time, Bryan University does not guarantee student or graduate employment under any circumstances. In addition, no employee of the University is authorized to guarantee a graduate will earn a specific amount in wages upon entering a career.

The Career Services Department is committed to helping prepare students to make a smooth transition from studying students to working employees.