Bryan University Bookstore, Library, and Helpdesk

Bookstore: Bryan University does not currently operate a bookstore. All required textbooks and supplies are included within tuition. For support, please contact:

Library: The Bryan Library is accessible online and serves instructors and students. It is accessed through the learning management system, LearnBryan, as well as through the student portal. Bryan Library features subscription-based article databases, multimedia resources, supplemental eBooks, and customized web pages for each academic program, including links to recommended websites. Students may receive research assistance via phone or email.

More information about the library and its resources is included in the Welcome Kit, provided upon enrollment.

Help Desk (S.O.S. Department): For technology support and any technical difficulties, please contact the IT Help Desk via the website:; email:; or phone: 888.355.1546. Help Desk operating hours are available on the Help Desk website.